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Train Easily Online
using Powerpoint™

Deliver Training Online using PowerPoint™

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Presenternet is a full-function Web 2.0 application with many uses. Save time and money by delivering your PowerPoint-based training over the web easily and efficiently.

What You Get -

  • PowerPoint™ Compatibility
  • Instructor-Led or Self-Directed Training Classes
  • On-Screen Audience Interactions
  • Customized Tests and Assessments
  • FREE Conference Calling
  • No Downloads or Plugins Required
  • Use and Assessment Reports
  • Flat-Fee - Unlimited Use - No Annual Contracts
PresenterNet Conference Center
"I found that PresenterNet was the only online system that allowed me to deliver my training class live as well as in self-study mode."
Dave Smith - Corporate Trainer

Everything you Need to Train Online is Online

For instructor-led and self-directed training courses PresenterNet provide everything you need. You just provide PowerPoint.

  • Online Training Room -- trainees enter with just a single click. Courses are delivered under instructor control.
  • Self-Directed Training Showroom -- when you aren't available to deliver your course in person, send trainees to your Showroom where they can learn at their own pace. Add recorded audio to your PowerPoint presentation and your voice directs the class in your absence.
  • Online LibraryOnline Presentation Library -- holds an unlimited number of slides and training courses organized in folders for easy selection.
  • Upload Manager -- upload PowerPoint, Flash, PDF, and JPEG files for use in your training courses.
  • Interactive Slides -- created by placing InterActors™ - special purpose graphics objects - for onscreen trainee participation. Account owners drag-and-drop InterActors that may be text boxes, sliders, checkboxes, or a variety of button types for special functions.
  • Integrated Database -- logs all actions, tracking every trainee, every slide displayed, and all trainee responses through InterActors.
  • Report Writer -- lists attendees logged in, shows responses to questions shown throughout the course, provides assessment reports to measure trainee success and course evaluation.

The Always Easy PresenterNet Advantage

PresenterNet delivers countless benefits that are unavailable with other web-based training systems.

PresenterNet Features Competitive Comparison The PresenterNet Advantage
Direct audience entrance with no downloads Audiences download and install software No audience loss on PresenterNet
Windows, Mac, Linux and all browsers OK No Mac support (some competitors) Smooth PresenterNet viewing for all participants
Online Presentation Library No online library Immediate presentation of presentations from anywhere
On-Demand Showrooms No on-demand presentations 24 X 7 narrated presentations
Interactive slides No interactive slides Capture of each individual's onscreen inputs
Databases log all actions No database Audit trail of all logins, viewed slides, and responses
Post Presentation Action Reports No reports Contact lists and action plan information
Lowest cost, month-to-month agreements Higher cost, and annual contract lock-ins Avoid long-term expense commitments

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